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‘Why do I have to wear the same old boring dress every day?’ I was very angry and that frustration came out when mum just asked me what went wrong.

My sister called me that very same night and asked me to surf through net and find the latest fashion apparels and accessories for making herself turn into talk of the town. I was desperate so surfed through the store which showed me good quality clothes and on that gave me discounts in the form of Zalora promo and discount codes at supersavermama.sg.

On that day I was so mad at my friends who all of a sudden started making fun of my dressing and pointed out me repeating the boring dresses. It was quite insulting as almost everyone from the class was sitting in that gathering. I had a very rough day after coming from the college. I locked myself in the room and cried my heart out. My mum kept on banging the door to let her in but I was too sad.

I unlocked the door at night after going through the store when my mum almost came running to my room and she consoled me in every possible way she could. I cried a little more when my mum hugged me. With teary voice I asked her to let me renovate my wardrobe. She at once agreed to it.

I told her about Zalora vouchers and discounts which I just saw few minutes back. She agreed to it and asked me to shop whatever I want. I didn’t want to burden my parents with this unwanted expense but I was too hurt with what happened in the college today.

Me and mum selected the items and which could make me look stylish and at the same time would not harm the budget with which mum runs the house. I had few savings of mine too which I wanted to spend on this adventure.

Zalora coupons helped me in getting the discounts which I was looking for to make things fall in my favor. I received the ordered items within 2 days and when looked at the shopping I was so amazed that how did I miss out this great place.

When I wore these dresses, jeans and tees to the college everyone was quite impressed with my dressing and apologized for their behavior. I was so thankful to my sister’s advice, mum’s love which she holds for me and most of all Zalora which helped in taking care of my needs.

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